Producing Engaging Content in Miami and Florida

Designed to help individuals and business to grow their brands through the transformative power of storytelling and catchy video content.

Much of our work involves…

  • Creative idea development designed to capture the attention of your audience.
  • Professional video shoot involving industry best equipment
  • Professional editing, sound design & mixing, color correction and motion graphics.
  • Visual effects/CGI/3D graphics – our profound expertise in CGI allows us to not limit ourselves with what is possible to film on set.

We offer complete project development from the idea brainstorming to the final touches on post-production as well as any of the parts of the production separately

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    “Behind The Scenes” created for “Collins Brothers”

    Behind the scenes from the shoot for Collins Brothers

    Fortloc – Just Drive

    This amazing video came out of the result of hard work of out director, producer and two cameramen. A few days of preparations, including coming over to Las Vegas, filming and a couple of weeks of editing/graphics and here it is guys. Enjoy watching!!!

    Fortloc Promotional Video

    Another video produced for our loyal and well-respected client – Fortloc (For The Love of Cars). It came out brief, yet catchy and powerful, just as originally planned 🙂

    Lamborghini Terzo Millennio | Teaser by Valor Production

    We created a short teaser for this gorgeous beast, because it simply deserves one. We focused a lot on the lighting and the setup to amplify the electric character and badass design of this concept car.



    We specialize in producing gripping and engaging content designed to help achieve your marketing goals and enhance your business. We often customize prices for our clients. To learn more about Valor Production prices, visit us here: